So, the government of the U. S. A. is going to save the financial market with the taxpayer’s money.

Hmm, what does that mean to the average underearner?  Is the government going to save the underearner?  The underearner might think so.  To believe that someone is going to come and save us from our mistakes, and that someone or something out there is to blame for the our situation.  If it isn’t the lottery, then is has to be the government.

How about opening the eyes and turn on the lights, the bright fluorescent lights?

Yes, the financial masters messed up.  It looks like they didn’t operate with their lights on.  There is a reason why gambling and the bright light do not go together.  Yes, it is difficult to turn on the light; we are going to see the mess.  Unfortunately, it is also difficult to clean in the dark.  We need the light to be able to really CLEAN.

Face the truth was the theme of my last blog.  We can face the truth; tell the truth until we are blue in the face.  Nothing will change until we make the decision to change.  Clean up the mess and decide to change.  Make a decision to have the life we want.


Love and peace,


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