It all depends how you look at it

The news today was full of stories about what was happening on the financial markets.  These things will affect the global market, which it actually did in Europe today before the U. S. markets opened (there was a holiday in many Asian countries, they will react tomorrow instead).  People all over the world a being affected by what the bankers at Lehman Brothers decided to do with the money they had.

Now of course we can all go into a frenzy over these news (like some people obviously did today) or we can look at it and say “Hey, the big boys on Wall Street, with all their knowledge and experience, are also having a hard time.”  I look at it and say, “That’s what happens when you take on too much risk.  Actually it is more like gambling than anything else.”

 In all seriousness, this sounds like the world is going mad.  Then after taking a deep breath, I decided to take a look at how my stocks were doing.  Surprisingly two went up and one went down.  Not bad on a day they say is a horrible day.

What the news media doesn’t talk about, as much, are the companies that are growing and doing well.  Even creating new jobs.  For example, the companies that are investing and developing green technology.  Most of us are eager to decrease our electric and heating bills.  Many of these companies cannot keep up with the demand.

Tomorrow is another day and I looked at how my money was doing at the end of the day.  Not much change there.  Good luck, bad luck it often depends on how you look at it.

I still keep track of where my money is going and I am grateful for all that comes in.

Love and peace,


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