What we can learn from the problems on Wall Street

The problems on Wall Street seem to keep coming and more investment banks are in trouble.  I am not on Wall Street and I am not in any way a financial person working with any of them.  So what can I learn from the problems we are seeing and hearing about on the news.

The first thing that comes to mind is to face the truth.  From what I have gathered from the news; these people weren’t willing to face the truth about the investments they had made.  As we all know they weren’t as valuable as they thought they were.  That begs the question; what am I not willing to face?  What am I doing that isn’t as valuable as I think it is?  What is it that I am doing that is not bringing any value?

What comes to mind is all the crap that I am holding on to, just because I thought at one time it might be valuable to me.  As I look around my office I notice a few things.  I know it will not be easy to let it go, but it must be done.  Otherwise it will hold me back.

There is a saying that the universe will fill empty space.  So when I get rid of crap I can decide to fill it with something of real value.  In doing this I am opening myself up to receiving great things.

Getting back to Wall Street and the financial market.  It looks like they are cleaning out the crap.  It is hard to do, but much easier done earlier rather than later in the process.  Better to focus on what brings real value now and get rid of what doesn’t.

Love and peace,


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