Fear is Stinking Up the Place – How to deal with it

Wall Street is still suffering form fear.  Fear of everything going down further, which makes is it go down even further.  SURPRISE!

Fear is something underearners know well.  It is the fear of not earning enough.  Fear of being fired.  Fear of not finding another job.  Fear of changing jobs.  The fear is a very controlling emotion.  When we give into fear it has us by the throat.  Somehow it is very difficult to stop the fear.

What does fear do for us?

Are our lives better when we live in the state of fear?  My answer to that is NO.  My life is not better.  Fear lowers my quality of life.  My body is tenser.  My energy is stuck in the fear mode so I get tiered more easily.  There is less energy to do the things that give me pleasure and restores my energy.

It is easy to get trapped in the fear mode.  It doesn’t seem so bad.  Often we think we are protecting ourselves from something worse.  The fear of going from bad to worse is very powerful.

The problem is that in the state of fear our brain is protecting status quo.  We are not looking at how we can enjoy life more.  Our mind is not marveling in our glory.  Or thinking up new and better solutions.

How can we get away from the fear?

Fear has controlled my life in many ways.  To learn how to take control I have read a lot and talked with many people.  The solutions can be very complex or very simple.  From all the advice this is what I have come up with and it works well for me.   Three simple steps.

1. Notice the fear

Starting to notice how our body and our mind respond to fear.  There are physical symptoms.  For me the shoulders go down.  Somehow I get smaller.  My mind starts to focus on issues without coming up with solutions.

2. Take deep breaths

What we tell our body to do is easier to do than deal with our mind.  It is an old trick to focus on the breathing, and the results are amazing.  I find that for me the focusing on my breathing takes precedent over all other thoughts.

3. Give thanks

Giving thanks for what we have and what we are about to receive.  It can be hard for some people to give thanks.  How can I give thanks when everything is going down the drain?  I find that it doesn’t have to be a big thing.  I am breathing, I give thanks for that.  I can walk and thank a higher power for that.  And so on.  It is amazing that when I start, more things come to me.  My mind opens up.  Opens the mind up to receive, and I give thanks for that.  It all opens me up to abundance.

With only these three simple steps I am able to open my heart and stand taller.  My mind becomes clearer and I have more energy to deal with what caused the fear.  I become more resourceful and I can realize that fear is only making things worse.


Love and peace,


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