Did Christmas go down the drain?

There is a claim that there is a recession going on in the world.  People are not buying as they used to do.  Was Christmas ruined because of this?

For me Christmas was wonderful.  It was not because of the presents.  My husband and me were trying to figure out what we wanted for Christmas.  It took us a long time to come up with something.  What we found was that we had what we really wanted and didn’t need more.  Of course there are things that we wouldn’t mind having, but they are not important and are not necessary for us to be happy.  We are happy in our lives and there is an abundance of love and care.

When we look back over last year we are thankful for our fortunes to get to know and work with people who have brought us much joy and peace.  With all that is happening with the economy in the world we are thankful for our abundance.

When I listen to the stories of how bad things are, I remind my self that it is all relative.  Over Thanksgiving I went to Iceland to see family.  I visited my aunt a lot and she reminisced about the past, when she was a little girl.  During one visit she talked about the time their house burned down and they had to move into a shed.  They got help from the neighbors to make it habitable, but it was not made bigger.  She mentioned that when she came back as an old woman she was surprised to see how small the shed had been.  In her memories it had been good place to live.  Many good memories had been created in this shed.  These memories followed her in her lives journey.  My husband and I are experiencing the beauty and the wealth of creating this kind of a life.  Life filled with happiness and abundance.

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