Persistence and sheer perseverance

What ever I read these days the concept of persistence comes up.  What is persistence?  The Oxford American Dictionary defines it as:

  • firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition : companies must have patience and persistence, but the rewards are there.
  • the continued or prolonged existence of something : the persistence of huge environmental problems.

The behavioral pattern of an underearner is very persistent.  We have spent a very long time, actually a big part of our life, living according to the beliefs we hold true.  I am talking about the, often unconscious, beliefs that dictate how we live our live of underearning.  There are different beliefs for different people.  They can be grouped into different groups, and many authors have done an excellent job of categorizing these behaviors.  Here I will only put them into two groups.  The two groups are belief of unworthiness of some kind and not wanting to deal with money for some reason.  These behavioral patterns have put us in an uncomfortable situation.  Put it differently we do not like what we are seeing and feeling.  How do we get out of this pattern?  Here the word “change” comes in.  The dreaded word “CHANGE”.  We have to change how we relate to money.

Changing something so fundamental to us is difficult.  I know that.  For so many years I lived with the belief that I was unworthy of money, I could not make money, and so on.

It takes a fundamental shift in our being to change that.  It is tough.  People do not like the unknown change brings.  So we resist.

I have made the decision that being an underearner is not serving me, it will take persistence to change, because one so often fall back into the old behavior.  It is an old habit and creating a new habit takes a lot of persistence.  When I fall I need to stand up again and keep moving.  It is like learning to ski.  You fall often.  The only way to get to the end and learn how to ski is to stand up after each fall and keep skiing.  In the end it becomes like a second nature and one rarely falls.  I know that falling is a part of the game.  Even Olympic skiers fall.  I still keep persisting and reminding myself that this is a new way of living and the rewards are great, a life of abundance.

Love and peace,


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One Response to Persistence and sheer perseverance

  1. Tammy says:

    Making the decision is a necessary step for us to change so bravo for taking that step.

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