Email – the time vampire

How do I use my time?  Do I really have to spend all that time reading emails?  Many people complain about emails and the quantity of emails they get.  There have been many advices given to deal with emails.  What has worked for me, are a few simple tricks.

I am very selective on what emails I read and delete those that I do not read.  A lot of the emails I get are not something I am interested in.   I unsubscribe from lists that I am not very interested in and I don’t find very beneficial.   Another trick came from Julia Morgenstern.  She suggests that you do not make it your first task in the morning to answer emails.  Start the day with something you know is productive and beneficial.  The email can wait.  If we have an appointment, we cannot do emails.  How about making an appointment with yourself every morning before you open email?

Just these very few and simple tricks freed up surprising time and has improved my productivity.   Every little thing can help you live a life of abundance.


Love and peace,


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