What Are You Tolerating In Your Life?

What are you settling for?  When you settle for something you are telling the universe that it is what you deserve.  When you tolerate things or people, you are telling the universe: “I tolerate this so you can send me more of the same”.

A good way to get out of this pattern is to make a list of all the things you are currently tolerating and then start to work on eliminating each item on the list.  This is a great message to send to the universe: “I want something better for me.”

By starting to accept only what you like and love you are sending a message to the universe that you are taking yourself seriously and you are worth more.  It can be difficult to start this process, so to make it easier start with small and easy things.  How about getting rid of the old broken thing you have told yourself is not worth doing anything about.  Every journey starts with the first step.  Rome wasn’t built in one day and the same goes for a life of abundance.


Love and peace,


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  1. Ester says:

    Right on, cousin! Am thinking exactly along these lines at the moment. Out with what doesn’t suit me (both literally and figuratively). In with more of what enriches my life. A common friend of ours from Kvennaskólinn (name kept anonymus here) has a very interesting reminder on her wall. She has some very serious health problems and is unable to work. To keep from wallowing in self-pity and inactivity, she fills her days with things she CAN do and which keep her happy. The reminder is actually two questions: Is it fun? and Does it enrich me? When she is deciding on things to do, she looks at these two questions and if one or both can be answered with a YES, she goes ahead and does it…

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