Who is benefitting from you putting yourself down?

So many women are taught to think of themselves as good girls, not to make a scene. “Don’t think of yourself as something more than the other girls.” The only allowed difference is in how well they maintain a home, child raring and how good listeners they are. Accomplishments shouldn’t be talked about. People will notice them if they are worth noticing, and appreciated if they ever become worthy of such a thing.

It is amazing to see this in so many women today. Even today, girls are still taught the same things, as we, our mothers and even grandmothers were taught. The problem is that this is not working for women today (probably never has). And it will definitely not work for the women of the future.

Thinking less of ourselves does not work for us and will only keep us in the same place of underearning. It is difficult to fell good about ourselves when we are in such a passive and negative mode. Today women should be expected to appreciate and talk about their own accomplishments. Women are not all the same. We are different, with different qualities, qualities that make a difference in the world. God created each of us as unique beings for a reason. Allow that reason to come through.

It does not sever you or for that matter anyone else that you put yourself down or stand on the sideline waiting for someone to notice you. Allow God’s creation to come through and shine. It is in being your unique authentic self that your Life of Abundance can become a reality.

Love and peace,


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