Giving thanks in tough times

What is there to give thanks for?  The economy is horrible.  People are losing their homes and livelihoods left and right.  And then there is the flu, the swine flu.  Sometimes it feels like it couldn’t be worse.

Well it was worse when the first Thanksgiving happened.  Even though the pilgrims’ first year had been good the second one was not so good.  On top of that they had to share food with newcomers, which resulted in food shortage.  During the 3rd year there was a drought in New England, which start in the spring and resulted in crops dying in the field.  It didn’t rain until fall.  To celebrate the return of the rain the governor proclaimed a day of thanksgiving on November 29th.  Even though they hadn’t solved their food shortage they still could give thanks for the good things that were happening in their lives.

So what are you thankful for this season?

In my home we are thankful for the good people around us that give us so much joy.  We are grateful for all the opportunities we have and we are grateful for each other.  I could keep on and on, but what about you?  What are you grateful for?

Being grateful helps us live a Life of Abundance.

Love and peace,


Happy Thanksgiving
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