How come we are still struggling?

This is a question I know very well, both personally and from my clients.  As recovering underearners we all strive to get over this addiction of underearning.  Yes, I said addiction.  Underearning works like any other addiction.  The problem with underearning compared to other addiction is that we can’t stop using money.  It is a fact of life, so we better start acknowledging this.  We need to change how we regard money.

The good thing is that we can choose what kind of a relationship we have with money.  It is totally up to us.  Up to now this relationship has been destructive, but now it can end.  This might sound like a contradiction, but it isn’t.  We can’t be constantly running away from money, which is the way the relationship has been.  The reason we are running away is that we view money as a Monster we hate and it frightens us.  So, the simple thing to do is to get rid of this Money Monster.  Now we have created an empty space.  We can decide to fill this space with a loving and caring Money, a true relationship partner instead of an adversary.  It is a Money that adores us and believes in us.  This relationship partner is perfect.  This honey knows that we are resourceful, and that we can take care of our new Money Honey and ourselves.

By ending this bad relationship we have had with the Money Monster we end the stress it puts in our lives.  Instead we are being smart and enjoying money.  It is amazing what happens when we have a partner in our life that supports us.

This is what Financial Alchemy is all about.  We get rid of the crap and pain that is the Monster and replace it with a loving Money Honey we truly deserve.   With this new relationship we can live a Life of Abundance.

Love and peace,


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