My role models

In my last blog I talked about how role models have changed and how the media often does not focus on women’s strengths, but rather on their looks.  For example the First Lady is a strong and accomplished woman and can be great role model, but that is not what the media talks about.  Still, girls have role models other the ones in the media.  Role models that are closer to home like parents, teachers, and coaches.  For me it was my mother.  She was born a long time ago in a different world.  The Iceland she was born in, subsistence farming was still fact of life for many and people were struggling to stay alive.  It was a hard world.  She was one of 11 siblings.  There wasn’t much money for anything, like food and clothes, and even less for education.  She and her siblings had to start working at an early age.

It was obvious that she had stamina to keep on going when things were against her, like her mother before her.  I learned that you keep on going no matter what.  My mother showed me what persistence and perseverance can accomplish.

Another role model was my mother’s cousin.  She became an internist when women didn’t become doctors.  She was the breadwinner of her family.  When I was a child I was going to do the same.  Life took me in another direction, but I did get my masters degree and I dared to be different from what was expected of me.

My mother died some years ago at ripe age of 86 and her cousin died last year from cancer.  It is strange to not have my role models with me today, but I am thankful for the inspiration they gave me through the years and are still giving.  Helping me on my path to a Life of Abundance.

Love and peace,


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