What have you been up to this year?

Eleven months ago the year 2009 was just about to start.  What were your intentions for 2009?  Did you have any New Year’s resolutions?  So many people make New Year’s resolutions and they start working on them in the New Year.  Unfortunately the New Year soon becomes old and those resolutions fall by they wayside.  If you did make resolutions or some kind of decision about changing things in your life, what were they and how has it been to accomplish them?

Even though quitting smoking and healthy living, like dieting and exercise, are the most popular resolutions or lifestyle decisions for the New Year, changing their money situation is something many underearners plan on doing.  They all have different ideas about how to accomplish that.  Often it has to do with keeping track of every cent they spend, not to overdraw their checking account and so on.  Then there are those who are not going to let money ruin any more years of their lives and simply ignore money all together, with the mindset that it will all work itself out somehow.

Tackling the money problem is not easy, especially if you don’t change the way you view money.  Having a love/hate relationship with money, where the hate is the dominating factor, is not going to be very helpful.  Having negative feelings towards someone never results in a good relationship.  I know that I would never like to stay with someone who had very negative feelings towards me.  So it is no wonder money doesn’t stay.  Would you?  The the important part in getting out of this vicious cycle of underearning is to change your view of money.  Then you can start moving toward a Life of Abundance in the New Year.

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