Where have our role models gone?

The role models are still here they are just different.  In today’s world the female role models are supposedly more feminine.  The question is feminine according to whose definition?  It is interesting to read about what is considered feminine today.  One thing is the same as it has been for centuries, women’s clothing and shoes that are considered very feminine are very uncomfortable to say the least and in some cases just outright damaging to their health.  As such, femininity is still mainly judged on appearance.  Things like being independent or financially savvy are considered masculine traits.

We do acknowledge that it used to be like this.  For example when women had do ware girdles that nearly suffocated them, but now a days?  How can that be?  Well, some shoes are damaging women’s feet and women endure a lot pain due to problems related to shoes that we are told make us look beautiful.  Then there is the cultural pressure on how your body should look.  This calls for even more drastic adjustments, like breast implants, diets and liposuction.  It is incredible how little things have changed and it is not surprising that so many women are underearners when society makes it very hard for them to stand on their own feet, figuratively and literally.

What about women in the media?  What is reported on when a woman is in the news?  In most cases it is on how she looks, what she is wearing, and so on.  A good example of this is when First Lady Michelle Obama is in the news.  The thing that is thought to be newsworthy is how she looks, not what she says.  This is a woman that has in the past been recognized for her intelligence.  She was known as an excellent lawyer and a driver for change wherever she was.  When she talks she undoubtedly has a lot to say that is worth talking about.  Still, what is deemed newsworthy is her dress.  This is rather sad.  But at least she is a good role model intellectually and in appearance.

Who are the role models of today’s girls?  Is it the fashionable Michelle Obama or the savvy lawyer and activist Michelle Obama?

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2 Responses to Where have our role models gone?

  1. Perhaps women are underearners because we are expected to spend so much money on shoes, clothes, implants, physical improvements, etc. Really it is what is on the inside that determines who we are. We can change the outside with money. But it is much more difficult to change what is on the inside.

    So it is a vicous circle. We need money to change our outside appearance. The inside determines what should be outside. We don’t see what is on the inside. We only see the outside. Yikes!

  2. ElinAnna says:

    Janet, thank you for the comment.
    The underearner doesn’t feel good about her/his inner self and in many cases that manifests itself on the outside. You can try to fix the outside, but as you say that can cost a lot of money, and it will have limited results until you fix the inside. By working on your inner self’s relationship with money you will gain confidence and self esteem, which will shine through to the outside.

    Love and peace,

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