Why are we not earning enough?

This is a question all underearner ask themselves frequently and always have a fantastically rational answer to it.  The answer might be: “The economy is bad”, “I have so much to do”, “I’m not worth more”, or “If I were worth more my employer/client would offer me more money”.  The list goes on and on.

How can so many people have such great answers to this question and still be wrong?  There are many ways to answer this, but I am only going to talk about one,  the horrible belief that we are not worth more.  Women, especially, are very likely to hold this belief because of their upbringing.  When we have this belief everything around us confirms it.  Our brain in set to find the proves and nothing else.  If we get a compliment we explain them away, “the person is only trying to be nice” or “they had to say that”.  On top of that we belittle our work and say: “This is the same as anybody else would have done”, or “It’s nothing special about what I said or did”.  Just like before the list of excuses goes on and on.

The brain is funny in this way.  If we tell the brain something it takes it as a fact and finds all the proofs to confirm that statement.  So, if we say that we are clumsy this will be confirmed and we do clumsy things.  If we say that we are not worth more, the brain will set out to prove that.

Now, what happens if we tell ourselves that we are smart and worth much more?  Well, actually the brain will start to gather evidence to prove this statement.  This statement can not be made superficially.  We have to convince both minds, the conscious and subconscious, that this is a fact.

This sounds rather complicated, when in fact it isn’t.  You can start today with the thought that you are good with money.  Then start finding the proofs that support this statement.  When we tell our brain something and then give it direct order to find proofs the brain works wonders.  If you do not feel confident about yourself then go and look for proof that women are good with money.  There are many women in today’s world that are living proof of this statement.  Then go back and look for the proof in yourself.  It is amazing what happens in this process.  I and many others have used this process or a variation of it.

Isn’t it more fun to be looking for the positive in life?  It is through positive thoughts and beliefs that we learn how to live a Life of Abundance.

Love and peace,


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