Are you in a fog regarding your money?

A new year is here and the question is are you still lost in the money fog?  It is absolutely amazing how many people just continue to stay in a money fog.  They resist stepping out of the fog.  This is hard to understand.  But the worst thing is that by staying there, they are making things worse form themselves. On top of it all, they know it.

You might think for yourself that this is not the case for you.  Maybe you are right.  But the money fog sneaks up on you and suddenly everything is dark.

One thing that comes with a new year is taxes.  We have to prepare our taxes, which means that we will have to look at our money.  Some people dread this time of the year.  They think it is too painful to look at their money situation.  To them, ignorance is bliss.  That reminds me of a woman I talked to last summer.  She hadn’t done her taxes, because she feared that she owed the IRS money.  When talking to her it was obvious that she was in a money fog.  She had no idea about her money, what she was earning and spending.  Her rationalization was that it was better not knowing, even after acknowledging all the fear and anxiety she was suffering from.  She was constantly saying that she couldn’t afford this and that, and there was anger in her voice as she was talking about her situation.

Finally she did her taxes, grudgingly.  When I talked to her afterwards, she told me she got money back from the IRS.  After all of these months of being afraid and suffering from anxiety, she got money back from the IRS.  She had been staying in the fog regarding her money, causing her to feel miserable for no reason at all.  When I asked her about that, she looked at me, as there was something wrong with me.  Her fog was so thick and dark that even after getting money back from the IRS, she still was staying in the fog.

When I thought about it afterwards it came to me that being in this fog and feeling afraid about her money situation was normal for her.  It didn’t even occur to her that things could be different.

How are you with money?  Are you lost in the fog and can’t find your way out of it?  What is it costing you to stay in the fog?  It is difficult to find your way to abundance when you are lost in the fog and don’t know where you are or where you are going.  Take this opportunity to get out of the fog and make this year the one when you know where you are and where you are going.  Put yourself on the path to a Life of Abundance.

Love and peace,


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