When things happen what can you do?

Has it happened to you that for some unforeseen reason your plans go down the drain; despite you best intention and planning?

This has been happening to millions of people in Europe, U. S. and actually all over the world for the last 5 days.  For example, the Boston Marathon was on Monday, April 19.  A lot of people had planned on being there to compete.  They had trained for months and planned on being in Boston early enough to be in their best form when the race started.  Many of them, especially those from Europe, couldn’t, all because of a volcanic eruption under a glacier in Iceland.  Because of this eruption nearly all air travel in Europe came to a stand still.  A cloud of ash moved slowly over Europe and didn’t go away fast enough for the stranded travelers.

What can people do?  Some that were only travelling within Europe tried to get a ticket on a train or rent a car.  Unfortunately those were quickly sold out.  Then of course there are those with plenty of money who could take a taxi, like the actor John Cleese.  He took a taxi from Oslo, Norway, to Brussels, Belgium, where he could catch the train to London.

But how often is it that a natural catastrophe interferes with our plans?  Isn’t it usually something much smaller?  Or even just our own mind that sabotages us?  What do we do then?

The first step is to acknowledging that it is only our mind that is standing in our way.  All the excuses that we are hearing are our own.  They are not an act of nature.  We are only giving our excuses the power of a natural disaster.  If we want to change things, we need to prepare, plan and then act, just like the runners did for the marathon.  The runner does not start out by running a complete marathon, but rather starts with shorter distances to get in shape.  Similarly it helps to take what you are trying to accomplish and break it down into very small tasks.  Each, of these very small tasks, need to be such that it is nearly impossible to make an excuse for not doing them.  Then slowly, but surely, do each of them one after the other.

I talked the other day to a woman who went on and on about how she wanted to keep on learning her trade.  She wanted to take courses to become better at what she was doing.  As we talked it became clear this was her dream.  And yet she hadn’t even taken any action to make a plan to make this dream come true!  There was no volcanic eruption that stood in her way.  The only thing was the excuses in her mind.

How are you making excuses that are stopping you from living a Life of Abundance?

Love and peace,


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