Are you limiting what you can earn?

Do you have a mental block that limits how much you can earn or set aside?  For example, there was a time when $25,000 in the savings account was my maximum.  Every time it looked like I would reach that amount something came up that pulled it below the $25,000 limit.  It was uncanny.  In an effort to bypass this strange blockage I divided the amount and put a part of it in another account.  This would make the main account definitely under $25,000.  Of course over time I made it back to $25,000, but since I had another account with more money it was actually over $30,000 for a long time.

The key is to recognize the pattern we have.  Often this is more related to your income and the dividing trick might not work for you.  Still you have to recognize the pattern that makes it happen and acknowledge that this is something in your past, not the present or future.  Your future is going to be different and you have to decide how different your future is going to be.

Remember that at one time in the past you had not yet crossed a street by yourself.  Then you did, and now that is in your past.  The street no longer limits you and you don’t even think about it.  The same goes for other limitations in your life.  You can earn more money and you have to allow yourself to do so.  That way you can start living a Life of Abundance.

Love and peace,


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