The habit of underearning

For many of us underearning has been a habit.  We automatically do and say things that make us underearn.  How often have you refused to be paid for small favors?  Or not asked for a raise when the opportunity came?

It is like our brain goes on autopilot and before we know we are doing and saying the same things as we have been for so long.  The explanation is simple.  We have created a pathway in our brain.  It is just like when we start driving.  In the beginning we have to focus on everything we do and on our surroundings to know how to react.  After some time we master the skill and start to do the driving as a natural thing, like we are on autopilot.  The same thing happens with our automatic underearning behavior.

When we leave underearning behind we are charting into a new territory.  Our brain only has the old brain pathway, so now we are creating new pathways and it will take some time to do that.  In the beginning it can be very scary to head into this new territory.  But the payoff is much more than worth it.

What is your payoff going to be for leaving underearning behind and start earning what you need and deserve?  A Life of Abundance?

Love and peace,


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