Enjoying my vacation in hot Salem, Massachusetts

It has been an amazing week.  Massachusetts has experienced a heat wave, including the hottest day since 2002.  Even Salem has been hot.  The normal luxury of the coastal location with its sea breeze has been absent.  Still the beautiful old downtown is still here to be enjoyed and my husband and I have been thoroughly enjoying our week here.  We hardly every go more than a few hundred yards from the coast line and still enjoy coffee shops, restaurants and more.  Old Salem is becoming a hot city with so many fantastic restaurants and live music.  There are even more opening up.

4th of July Salem, MA, 2010

4th of July Salem, MA, 2010

Fireworks 4th 2010As always the 4th of July celebration was great and the warm weather made it even more enjoyable (maybe a little bit hot during the middle of the day).  We enjoyed all of the festivities that are again only a few hundred yards away from our house.

Life is good and full of abundance.

Love and peace,


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  1. Morgana Rae says:

    That looks wonderful! Thank you for the pictures. I’m jealous!

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