Getting rid of the clutter

As I mentioned in my last blog (What matters?) we cleaned up or rather organized our vacation dwelling.  I have been reading the book “Clutter Busting” by Brooks Palmer and I have notice what I have been clutter busting.  Also, noticed the affects it has.

What was a total mess in February is now becoming an energetic place where we enjoy staying and recharging ourselves.

In his book Brooks Palmer talks about our energy being sucked up by all the clutter in our lives.  All those things that we only think we need for some reason or another.  And then there are things that we actually need and would love to enjoy if only we could find them in the all the clutter.

Then there are all the things we do.  Are they clutter?  Why are we doing them?  Is there something else we would enjoy more doing?  Maybe something that would energize us?

What is the clutter in your life?  Is it holding you back from a Life of Abundance?

Love and peace,


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