How is your risk muscle?

How come some people are so risk adverse while others aren’t?  This is a question my friend has been asking herself lately.

This has come up a lot since her mother passed away.  Her mother didn’t want to change a thing.  This included doing any improvements on the house she lived in.  And this risk adverse behavior would then result in emergency calls to my friend when things were breaking down.  Like one Christmas Eve when the water came pouring into the kitchen because of an ice dam on the roof.  For my friend this meant climbing up on the roof to try to stop, or at least minimizing the water damage.  Fortunately for my friend she is in good shape and not very risk adverse.  Otherwise this would not have ended as well as it did.

As we talked about this risk avoidance the discussion went on to how we train our muscles to be able to handle situations like the one she had.  Although I doubt her training was aimed at tackling damaged roof in an ice storm.  She is always in a good shape.  What is also the case she can take on all kinds of situations, no matter how risky they are.  She evaluates the situation and starts tackling it.  It’s like she is dealing with risk in the same way and her risk muscle is in just as great shape as the rest of her body.

When we talked about it more we realized that her risk muscle is in great shape because she has been exercising it.  She takes on calculated risks and deals with them as they come along.  When she was younger she would be hastier in taking the risks.  Now she has learned it is much better to go slower and do a better job.  No reason to overextend the muscle.  This is why she could climb onto the roof on that Christmas Eve.

It is by taking these small, or not so small, risks we train ourselves to live with and take the risks that have the ability to change our lives.  It all starts with small risks, then we start taking bigger steps, which help us change how we live our lives and start living a Life of Abundance.

Love and peace,


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