Welcome to the “From Underearning to Abundance” page.

How to leave the darkness of Underearning for a bright life of Abundance.

Being under the heavy cloud of underearning is depressing and energy draining.  The world is difficult.  We often try some desperate means to battle it, often with dire results.  I know this too well, having spent a big part of my life under this dark and heavy cloud.


Mikelann Valterra, the founder of Women’s Earnings Institute, defines underearning as follows.

“Underearning happens when you repeatedly make less than you need or than would be helpful to you, usually despite your desire to make more money. Put another way, an underearner is someone who doesn’t get paid as much as might be expected, given her experience, education, training or results she obtains for her clients.”

Many of us have been there and many still are.  We think “If only …”, “Why not…” and all the other variations of that.  It feels like we can’t change our life.

GUESS WHAT?  WE CAN!  We can actually change.  To change the results we get, we have to change how we do things.  Life of abundance is possible.  It requires us to make changes.  I know that from my own experience.  I used to be rather quite, didn’t like to be noticed and went often into great lengths to keep the status quo.

By hiding from life I was hiding from money.  So, I made a decision to change.  Now, I work on being theauthentic me.  I stopped hiding from money and started taking care of money.  Guess what, I found out that if I take care of money, then money takes care of me.

In this blog I will discuss these past practices of mine and that so many other underearning women have.  And I will also talk about what it takes to live a life, a life of abundance.

Love and peace,


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